Be a tree

Recently, I was discussing the philosophical meaning of fall with my teenage son. We were driving along the country roads admiring the incredible beauty of the leaves, commenting on how interesting it was for the leaves to transform into such beauty only for the tree to let them go shortly after. Such a spectacular ending to a summer of growth. The leaves are returned to the earth to decay and become nourishment for the soil, sprouting new growth in the spring. It is so natural for the trees to follow the cycle of nature. It is an effortless expression of beauty: seed, sprout, growth, bounty, death and repeat. Each time the tree growing bigger and stronger, expressing more of its beauty through its unique expression of that species. However, we easily forget how this came to be. In truth, the tree has faced the elements for many years, some more harsh than others, in order to be that large and beautiful. Some years bearing more fruit, while others losing branches to harsh winters. It had to go through a lot to stand that strong.

Why then do we struggle to hold on to things that have clearly come to an end? Truly…for fear of the unknown. If we don’t know or have a guarantee of the safe passage from one experience to another, we often delay or avoid the experience. We find ourselves holding onto unhealthy patterns, behaviors, relationships, jobs or any other things we cling to for the comfort of the same. The difficulty of changing it up is not only healthy but necessary! True growth comes from facing the changing conditions and standing strong. To allow the fullest expression of the beauty of the experience to shine and then to lovingly let it go. All experiences have deep beauty within them. Even the painful ones. It may take time and space to be able to see the beautiful teachings they offer but it is always there. Growth is always present. Our resistance however, to allowing things to naturally come to an end prevents us from growing and moving forward. Have you ever noticed a tree in the winter that did not shed its leaves? It feels and seems so strange, unnatural. That’s how we look when we desperately cling to things that have run their course.


How then can we make a habit of embracing change? How can we become more comfortable letting things go? First off, by asking what are we getting out of what we are holding onto? What is feeding our comfort? Secondly, simply by being present. By witnessing our many resistances, not only our fears of the unknown; letting go and accepting the situation may seem like we are ok with what happened to us; and the opposite happens sometimes accepting something better for ourselves. Feeling worthy of more. And lastly, by acknowledging that our life situation will not stay the same, all things will come and go, all things have their time. Whether it is children moving away, to losing a job, a loved one or anything of value that may come to an end. By being present and accepting the changing conditions we can draw more of our innate wisdom, our intuitive life force that wants to support us. By being ok with the discomfort of ‘this is different from what I am used to’, we cultivate energy for new opportunities, experience, friends, talents, perspectives…who knows really what could come unless we make room for it and embrace the unknown?

To give us comfort during these moments of fear of the unknown, we have support. We are truly not alone in our journey. We are surrounded by loving Angelic beings wishing to help but you must ask! They support us, nudge us and inspire us with new ideas and synchronistic moments to encourage us to stretch ourselves to make a change. Try calling on your Angelic helpers in moments of darkness, they are there to assist you. By being more flexible to the elements of nature and our lives: bending, swaying and moving with the current situation, we can grow stronger and more confident in ourselves.

I empower you to reach deeper into your roots for strength, higher to the sun for energy and stand strong. Challenging yourself and getting out of your comfort zone takes courage but it more importantly takes choice. Making the choice to go a different way, try a new thing or take a risk is scary! Speaking of scary, isn’t that the fun of Halloween? Trying on a different persona for a night without the fear of judgement, or do you choose to play it safe then too? I think that’s the point of life, to try on a bunch of different things, to see what you love and can leave, no pun intended! Where ever you are is perfect for you, but if you are ready to make space for new growth, why not be a tree and just let go and let the leaves fall where they may?



Jennifer Kilmer