Happy New Year to all souls

As we turn the page of 2018 and embrace the coming energies of 2019, there is a feeling of excitement in the air! I have heard from many people that they want to slam the door of 2018 behind them, move on and not look back. I understand this feeling. However, we must look more closely at these mixed emotions. Reflecting on what you want to let go of, and never have to deal with again regarding people or circumstances you wish to cut ties with, must be balanced with the incredible moments of love, peace, growth, tranquility, beauty and joy that were also present. As much as our minds love to analyze and categorize, it is important we look at these experiences with a broader stroke. If you really thought it through, perhaps it was those difficult moments that moved you to a space of gratitude for other things in your life. Or maybe they were catalysts for a long overdue change to finally occur. Growth comes from discomfort! We know this. But gently reminding ourselves as the clock strikes midnight is a wonderful tool.

Take a few moments today to go within, detach from the labels and be with the bigger meaning of each moment. Review 2018 beginning with January, as you would watch a movie from beginning to end, and allow the gifts to reveal themselves. Surrender, forgive, learn, give thanks and then let go.


From that peaceful state you will be more ready to truly move into 2019 with a clear and clean slate!

Life is going to continue to confront us with challenges, but mediation and taking full responsibility of our healing, learning and lessons within empowers and provides us the grace to navigate these experiences with more love and peace. I encourage you to join our monthly mediation circles they are supportive, healing and inspiring. When we gather as a group we are filled with strength. The connection to others makes us not feel alone and we learn from each other’s experiences!

May 2019 bring you many blessings!



Jennifer Kilmer