Do you believe in magic

Do you believe in magic? As a child I sure did. I was wonderstruck with nature, thoughts of magical beings within the garden, that wishes on stars could come true if you really thought hard enough, and St. Nick and the reindeer were the most splendid creatures that visited bringing gifts, blessings and joy.

Spirit has been with me for as long as I can remember. In church, when I was a child, I felt the call to be a messenger. When I visited sacred religious monuments, I connected to the departed Saints. At night, during dream time, I would navigate other worlds. I remember thinking very confidently that I could move things with my mind and connect with the departed sitting in seance. I believed deeply in magic and the power of the mind. When I was about 12 years old, I desperately wanted a North by North West jacket, everyone at my school had one, but sadly it was too expensive for my parents’ budget at the time. Then one day, on the way home from visiting a friend, I spotted a pile of material on the side of the county road, soaked from the rain. I just knew it was for me. I begged my parents to pull the car over and for some reason they listened. I jumped out to pick up the exact coat I was wishing for with all my being, a navy-blue, North by North West jacket. Yes, I know a material wish but for a tween looking to fit in, it was a true gift from the heavens. It was magic.


But sadly, as the years unfolded that childlike innocence surrounding magic and wonder waned and I succumbed to the grind of what many spiritual teachers call the 3rd dimension. Christmas became more of a material expression of love. I began to disconnect from this natural state of marvel and the stresses of life piled up, and fear and grief were constant companions. I no longer found peace in nature. The heartfelt wishes once made, became a distant memory. I lived in this bubble of existence for a long, long time. My life situation reflected this loss of faith and always felt like it was missing something.

Until one day when I hit my bottom, and there was absolutely nowhere else to go I heard a voice. This voice said to me very clearly and very loudly, “All you need to heal is love,”. The cry it answered, a plea I had sent to the creator, or whomever would listen, was desperate and this time it answered back. That was over 16 years ago, and not a day goes by that I don’t acknowledge that grace and the deep awakenings that followed.

That day was followed by a series of spiritual experiences and re-awakenings that have continued to unfold in deeper, and great magnitudes. I have had many moments of celestial experiences, unexplainable healings and miracles. I remembered how to harness the pure power of focused thought through love and intention. I learned to align my thoughts, feelings and actions with goals that bring out my greatest gifts that I wish to offer in service. Magic showed up more and more in my life, again through synchronistic moments such as meeting just the right person or being at the right place at just the right moment in my life. I began to notice Spirit once again everywhere, and in everything. I opened myself back up to that childlike innocence of magic and wonder.

Does your heart ache for more than what it sees? The time is now, to reawaken and reclaim your ability to harness your visions, goals and true heart’s desires. Rekindle your magical thinking, sink deeper into your special moments with loved ones. As you do, they and everything around them will begin to sparkle. Reconnect with your intuition and learn to trust yourself again. Let go and forgive yourself and others for past errors. As you do, you make room for greater and greater amounts of love and creative force in your life. Spend more time embodying peace, love and joy, and less time chasing it in empty material goods. It is time to let your imagination once again begin to soar, and life to flow. Nature and animals take their special place in your heart. The magic of healing and creativity flows from the deeper portal of the heart. It is a place that is calling you home. There is creative magical energy in the heart wishing to be expressed. What will you do with it?

Have a magical holiday season!



Jennifer Kilmer