A time of reflection and contemplation


Hello Soul Friends,

Happy New Year to all of you. I hope you have had a change to recharge your batteries from the holiday rush and catch up on your rest. This is a time of reflection and contemplation! The weather has certainly been keeping us indoors a lot lately. I have heard from many people they have been staying in their pj’s and keeping close to family which is wonderful!!

As we move forward in January we will be setting the stage for our year to come. There are so many great things we can do to plan out our year.  Striving to set both big and smaller goals is an important process to honour. Over the years I often like to start with a vision of my year ahead in one month, three months, six months and twelve month intervals. I think it is important to set my sights ahead and then check in daily. My goals are often very abstract and feeling based and this is the approach I will be taking at my workshop on January 13th. If you are not able to join in but are interested in creating your own vision board I encourage you to compile a bunch of images and words that have the feelings in them you wish to draw into your life.  Sometimes we don’t know exactly what we need or want, but do know when we see it in a picture.  At the workshop we will have an opportunity to release blockages that maybe standing in our way of moving forward, or rather needing us to look at them a little closer before they are ready to go, we will also reflect on past accomplishment and give energy to our newest inspirations that are calling us forward. 2018 is a year of love, especially deep self love. It is a time to focus on self care. The more deeply we honour ourselves, the more we can honour those around us. The vision board making and intention work will unfold in a wonderful organic way! There are still a couple spots left if you are interested in joining us!

I am also excited to be offering a chakra series course with Brittany Folino at Yogashala.  Brittany will start each class with a 30-40 min yoga flow aimed at opening the chakra we will be working with.  Following, I will offer teaching on the chakra and move students through a guided healing meditation.  Each class will end with an Om chanting session sure to leave everyone lighter and brighter!  

In February I will be offering the basic IET course. If you are feeling called to explore Reiki or any type of healing therapy I highly recommend IET. It is a beautiful healing modality that works with the Angels.  It is a true gift to offer this system of healing and I encourage everyone who is interested to learn.  It is a blessing to be able to draw divine healing energy into the body to bring peace, joy and relief to moments of stress, emotional and physical pain. This therapy can be used for your own healing, helping others, and can be used with animals. It can also be sent distantly, so if you are not close to loved ones they can still receive with intention.  

Lastly, my family and I had the opportunity to visit Bimini Bahamas for Christmas.  It is the said location (according to Edgar Cayce) of the lost city of Atlantis. We were able to go snorkelling over ruins that have been said to been part of sunken structures.  It was truly memorable, but I do feel the highlights of the trip were swimming in the open ocean with wild dolphins. We were able to interact with them quite closely.  They spoke to us and looked right at us. It was incredible. We were joined by a shark as we were hanging with them.  We were very grateful for their protection as many locals told us that the dolphins would not let anything happen.  

Well that is all the news I have for now. I am looking to start to record my meditations and post them on my website. Stay tuned!

Peace, joy and love to all!


Jennifer KilmerJanuary