April showers bring May flowers


Ah…the Spring energy is upon us and waking us up from our slumbering Winter nap. The snow has melted and the ground is gently just beginning to thaw. The waters are high and rushing with intensity. We desperately want to get moving into Summer as we are tantalized by glimpses of warm weather and sunny skies. It is time to shift into a new season and phase of life.

We begin by removing the layers of protection that we accumulated for the Winter. Off comes the old worn out beliefs, antiquated ways of doing things, patterns that have expired with the times, as well as the physical items such as heavy coats, mitts and hats. It is freeing and exciting at the same time. Though, in the shedding of the layers, we go through an adjustment phase. Not only in terms of temperature fluctuations, but also in letting go of the old to make space to anchor the new. This is a detoxifying time. So, a call for self-care and rest as you embrace the shift is a must.  Do not rush this process. Give your body time to literally warm up.

The feeling of movement and the desire to get outside and stretch, explore nature, or get to the gardenning is imminent. But, we are not there yet. Our minds are in planting and planning mode!  Take the opportunity that the rainy days ahead offer us to plan. What would you like to do this Spring? Perhaps take a course, embrace a physical challenge, explore a new city, organize a gathering with old friends and family, or go camping? Or, maybe you have the desire to refresh your home with a deep cleaning and a new coat of paint, a splash of colour here and there, or a renovation. Honour the feelings within. Listen to your inner guide as it gently inspires you towards the ever-expanding journey of the soul. Regardless of whether it be through a new outlook in life, a new perspective from your Winters’ time of inner reflection, or something else entirely, you must move forward. Life is forever unfolding within us.  Allow your soul to express its inner desires!

Spring can be very challenging. Through the transition, people often become sick and meet challenges within their careers and relationships. These are our catalysts for change.  Embrace them!  Seek within for clarity. Do not only see through the eyes of the body, but utilize the eyes of the soul to look with a higher focus on the issues.

So, as Mother Nature washes us with the rains and winds of April, cleansing and shaking, she prepares us for the planting of new seeds. To create stable supportive conditions for the flowers of early Spring, take this time to let go. Let go of the past - the old thoughts, wants and beliefs.  Embrace the new inspiration that is drawing in. What colour inspires you right now? What is calling your attention to expand your heart and soul? Whatever the answers, I wish you happy planning and planting! Throughout the season, I will be offering a variety of ways to connect with your soul’s desires, such as guided meditations, workshops and one-on-one sessions.  Feel free to connect with me.

Happy Spring!


Jennifer Kilmer