Summer Solstice: A time of light and enlightenment!


The moods of everyone have certainly perked up with the incredible sunshine we have been graced with. This month we celebrate Summer Solstice on Thursday, June 21st!

Summer Solstice is the day of the year where the sun is at the highest point. You may sense a feeling of expansion within, like a portal of positive potential overflowing with excitement. Now is the time to execute those creative ideas you were envisioning in the spring!

Many ancient cultures such as the Mayans, Essenes, Druids and Egyptians, who understood the spiritual significance of this natural event, built temples or structures that captured the divine moment of alignment, and there they would participate in sacred ceremonies. Do you have plans to welcome this wonderful time of intense light?

The sun bathes us with intense, high energy light and warmth which impacts our moods, vitality and sense of aliveness. We are overcome with this creative life force and look for ways to let it express itself through projects and self-improvement found in connecting with nature, travel and healthier lifestyle choices. It is a time to anchor this creative energy. This creative energy is symbolic of the light of God, our Creator pouring itself into form. Pure life force energy. The Summer Solstice is a celebration of the return to light. It shines so brightly to remind us of the light within ourselves. Our journey is full potential of our individuated, as well as united light or Christ consciousness (our cosmic sense of unity). We come out of our homes and gather in larger groups at outdoor festivals, family reunions, concerts or tourist destinations to take part in this wonderful time collectively.


Summer Solstice is also about awakening more and more, and lightening up! By drawing in the light, we create more space within so we literally lighten ourselves and our reactions to our life events. By loosening the attachment to things that we label as good or bad, we open ourselves up to a more spontaneous flow of inspiration. Labelling anything you see in life defines it and puts it in a preconceived box of rules. A recent experience I had with labelling…….I was on my bike last week enjoying a moderately intense ride when I came upon two senior riders that had stopped for whatever reason on the side of the road. They were just about to get going again and noticed me, so they decided to let me pass first. I innocently labelled them as being slower, and that they let me go ahead as I was probably about 20 or more years younger. Well my karmic label was handed right back to me as they passed me like two bullets a few minutes later. As I ate road dust, I busted my gut laughing like a Buddha on a bike. I could not believe my smallness. Then five minutes later another gentleman, probably in his seventies, left me in his dust. I was humbled and was able to laugh at myself. They say things happen in threes. I got the point. Lol

I had labelled the situation without malice, just a passing observation, but I learned a good lesson nonetheless. I have not ‘arrived’ at the level that Christ or Buddha did in their lifetimes, nor is it something I chase anymore. What I have learned is to surrender more and more each day. To observe the small part of myself, that ego personality, in its need to categorize and define what it sees to feel safer and in control. By just observing it, I’m able to detach from it more and move into an expanded curious place that makes room for the beauty of life to show us its magic and its wisdom. You may hear me constantly saying: going with the flow of life; riding the wave; or flying like the birds in the sky, changing direction and altering course when necessary. I let go of what I think is supposed to happen and laugh at my labels when they pop up out of fear. I have made more and more space in my heart for true love to emanate just through this practice of observing my limited perspective, and allowing greater connection with a non-attached approach. Have goals but no expectation.

I will be hosting a guided meditation circle on Summer Solstice so if you are interested in joining please contact me! If the weather is nice we will be outside for this wonderful evening.



Jennifer Kilmer