Float into summer


Happy Summer Solstice!


Just a quick note to say have a wonderful summer and to share a little thought for July. This morning after returning from my bike ride I decided to cool off in the pool. I’m not much of a lap girl, never really learned the techniques properly but what I enjoy when I’m alone is to float. So after splashing around for a few minutes I turned on my back, closed my eyes and floated. In that moment I recalled a childhood memory of learning to float on my back. The terrifying feeling of thinking I was going to sink and the swimming instructor encouraging me to relax, not tense up and at the same time keep my back strong and then let go. It was a time of trial and error but once I found that sweet spot of weightlessness it was awesome. Who knew we could have this experience in a body, feet off the ground! To maintain this that was challenging, I would loose faith and I would fall back into thinking I was going to sink, fear mode set in, tensing up but once again the instructor would encourage me to relax that state would return. As I floated this morning, I slipped into a floating meditation of trust, thoughtlessness, weightlessness and effortless space I could only compare it to the void I experience in sitting meditation, the calm centre of the storm, the pure state of bliss. Life is meant to be felt, experienced and lived so maintaining this state is difficult I realize but cultivating more and more moments of this internal calm state will begin to bridge that gap of stormy state to calm for longer and longer periods. So if you have the opportunity to find your way to a pool, lake or ocean this summer try to experience this form of meditation, take advantage of this incredible experience of what it truly is like to be weightless. It is wonderful.

I will be taking the next three weeks for rest, vacation and family time! Thank you to all who joined at the Summer Solstice it was an incredible evening. I will be hosting the next guided meditation circle in August! On September 22nd I will be hosting a one day retreat to celebrate Fall Equinox, more details to come!

I wish you all a wonderful summer holiday filled with rest, peace and lots of laughter!! I look forward to reconnecting soon!!!


Jennifer Kilmer