September energy


Dear Soul Friends,

As I settle into the September energy, I am overcome with gratitude for all that I experienced this summer. So many of my clients also echoed that they too experienced deep growth and awakenings. Whether it be through retreating to a cottage, going on retreat or simply taking time away from the regular routine to recharge their batteries. Many shared with me the challenges they faced, the opportunities for deep contemplation that came out of it to perhaps let something go that they had been carrying for so long. To honor this time of year of gratitude and abundance, I will be hosting a half-day retreat to pay tribute to the Fall Equinox. I would love for you to join us – weather permitting! If you are interested, please connect with me. 

As you know, I went on a pilgrimage trip to Glastonbury, England. I joined 13 other pilgrims on a journey through sacred sites including Ancient Druid Stone Circles; Knights Templar Churches; Tintagel Castle, the home of King Arthur; Merlin’s cave; crop circles; and many other places of incredible beauty and healing.  

On my last day in Glastonbury, I climbed the Tor. I had already visited it, but felt the call to climb its hill one more time. It is known as the Isle of Avalon and the sacred heart of England. It has been connected to the Holy Grail and King Arthur. I encourage you to read more about it, subject found at

As I set my intention to connect to the Tor, I unknowingly began the climb that last morning that became a symbol for our pilgrimage through life. Having the vision of the Tor in sight for the beginning of the path was like our clear vision of our purpose before we descend into our earthly body through birth.  We know our mission before incarnating. We have a clear relationship to the creator energies, and we are excited to get going. In the beginning of life, the terrain is gentle, easy to manage and welcoming. I managed this first leg without much effort. Things were going so well.  Then, as I began to ascend, this part of the hill and the terrain became more difficult and just as it did, I lost sight of the Tor. Much like we can often lose sight of our goals, dreams, gifts and purpose as we tackle the difficult part of our journey.  They become a distant memory, almost like a faint whisper. As a coping mechanism, when it gets tough, we often fall asleep, trudging desperately often getting stuck or stopping, unwilling to do the necessary work to keep going. Our faith completely challenged as our memory of who we truly are and what our purpose is becomes out of sight, our memories lost.  Just when I needed the Tor, to give me the strength to carry on, to see it, I could not. Each step I took was harder and harder. The weather was extremely hot and it was hard to catch one’s breath. I turned around, at one point almost wanting to go back, but something inside me said it was not an option.  At that point a beautiful dragonfly came by. I felt deep within me it was a symbol just for me, a friend on my travels to give me inspiration, that I was not alone but to keep moving forward.  


And then all of a sudden, I came upon a bend and caught a vision of the Tor. I had almost forgotten what I was doing when I was gently reminded of its magnificence and beauty.  It gave me the reassurance that I had not been forgotten, it was patiently waiting for me. As I rounded the steeper part, the Tor came back into sight and before I knew it, the hardest part was over! I had worked through the toughest part of the climb. I still had a bit to go, but the trajectory was more tolerable, similar to any challenge. Just when we think we don’t have one more ounce of strength, breath, hope, the path becomes smoother and straighter. We are released from the pain and rewarded for our efforts. The final part of the path was easy, but upon arriving at the last five steps, my effort was once again called forth but this time I was energized by my exertion. I summoned one last push within and I found my way into the bosom of the Tower, resting inside on its cool stone bench. I felt victorious and proud. A little worn, but reflective of my choices to keep putting one foot in front of the next. The reward of the high I experienced was incredible. And after a few minutes of resting and soaking in the coolness of the stones, I looked up to the roofless tower to the heavens and found the presence of the creator shining down. It was an awesome moment, completely personal and unexplainable in words. The climb was difficult but the learning and growth incredible. I felt so proud of myself, I was beaming. Had I not pushed myself to take each step as they came, I would not have realized such a moment. How important to remember to just breathe and take the next step. We are not asked to jump five, run nor leap, just the next step. I paused between each one, just a little bit, to take it all in but I never stopped, I just kept going.  


After resting awhile, I took a seat just outside to take in the view of the world below. I felt the divine masculine experience of the love of the creator and how it must feel to have such a broad perspective of all of the business we find our small selves involved with. Cars were whirling by, people were coming and going to work, everyone was going about their lives in front of them but from this viewpoint the challenges they faced seemed so insignificant. I was sitting from such a high vantage point bathing in complete love, no worries, just peace. It was surreal and a reminder to look up and from a greater vantage point when I find myself focused too closely in front of me and not putting things in perspective. From this vantage point, in that moment, I witnessed a sheep below that had been separated from its herd. The fields in England are all surrounded by large hedges. It was bleating loudly and wildly and becoming very upset as the moments passed, desperately trying to find its herd. I watched from the hill and could see the heard was not too far away. I knew the sheep was on the right path and would eventually find the right opening in the hedge to be reunited. It was not in any danger. There was peace in my heart for the sheep.  

I stayed on the Tor for a long time, needing absolutely nothing.  It was breathtaking, expansive and incredibly fulfilling in its beauty.  Much like I think our true spiritual essence is.  

When it was time to go, I felt the energy of the Tor, the Divine Masculine energy I connected to pouring deeply into the back of my heart. It took its place in my heart that day. I felt so free and so loved. I will never forget the healing I received in that moment.  

I hope that you feel the essence of the energies I experienced in some small way.  

Have a wonderful day!


Jennifer Kilmer