Are we there yet


Time is a funny thing. It can drag on and feel like it is standing still when we are waiting for important news, a resolution to an issue, a desire to be fulfilled or a new destination to arrive at. Or, it can pass so quickly that it feels like the second hand has been doing double time and we’re desperately trying to slow it down as we cling to special time with a loved one, an incredible vacation or a melting ice cream.

As we anxiously watch the clock, we are creating deep suffering and tremendous resistance in our bodies. Reducing our life to ‘when this happens, then I will be happy’ is far from its purpose. We completely miss the point when we focus on the future and what we feel is going to liberate us when we arrive at this imaginary moment. What we fail to see then is the meaning and magic of what is in front of us. Even in the painful life experience that you may be facing, a choice can be made, a fear can be faced as we choose to stand strong and dig for courage and create one’s life, instead of being a casualty to it through reactivity.

The deeper creative energies and wisdom that are organically available present themselves when we are all there. Have you ever tried to talk to someone who is not entirely listening? It feels hollow and one is left feeling less than important to this person. Compare that to feeling completely connected to someone who you can pour your heart out to, leaving you feeling uplifted and understood. Our soul is gently trying to get our attention to draw us deeper into our lives and our essential being by bringing us obstacles, conflict and difficulties. In heightened moments of emergencies our brains can become very focused and problem-solving abilities become available.

We have so many pointers surrounding us, trying to encourage this mastery of the present moment: mantras, posted messages, written works all saying the key to life is to surrender to this moment, to accept what is, gracefully. Great masters have demonstrated how they too faced their inner desires and demons by sitting with them, by being completely present. We know it is possible.

Yes, our journey here is one built around time. We need physical clock time as it keeps us organized and functioning, and it makes life run as smoothly as possible. It grounds us in reality and holds us accountable for our commitments and responsibilities. It is the function of the root chakra so we have our feet on the ground and focused. But we must then take our experience on earth for all of its learnings and for us to understand another aspect that time is here to teach us. We must also learn to detach from the desire to control our ‘life time’ and begin to see what we are missing. The beautiful landscapes of life. The smooth and rugged terrain. All of it.


The comments I hear from clients often reflect their frustration with time. They just want to finally arrive at their destination of choice, the perfect job, the perfect relationship, the perfect age for their kids. They feel strongly that once they arrive at this choice place, all will be well. IF they could just rush it along, it would end the painful feelings they are experiencing from their current place in the timeline of life. It would be much better. I understand, and have had my own relationship with time to reconcile. I think the desire to control is a fairly infectious issue that is overwhelming our lives. Anxiety is on the rise and I can imagine it is keeping pace with our exposure to instant feedback and instant gratification of our desires. We can instantly search on google and have answers to almost any question we dream up.

Faith, reflection and contemplation must become integrated into your personal spiritual practice. We must continue to travel within. To find strength in our most powerful force available to us, compassion and love. The deeper we dive into the heart, the stronger our sense of connection will grow, as will the faith to take the next step to trust in the process, to know there is a reason for all that we face.

Time is a test of faith. That’s its purpose. It is our teacher. How we use it and come to understand it is our mastery. We can be held hostage, or we can settle deeper within its magical energies. I know that the focus of the breath in yoga has helped me settle into poses otherwise uncomfortable. I told myself anyone can do anything for just one more breath. Each step is all we are asked to take. Just the next step. Don’t let yourself be distracted with 1000 steps, or the amount of time you think it is going to take to accomplish your task. Just this next step, and so in taking the next step, take it with all your being. Be there. Be all in. And before you know it you will have created an incredible life of artistry for all to appreciate.

So I share my vision of 2019 to spread the word to ‘JUST SIT’. To arrive in this moment and to absorb all it offers you. My goal is to offer opportunities to create this space to be. Join me for any of my groups that I offer where I will give you the tools and opportunity to sit and be completely present and allow the creative wisdom and healing to be received.



Jennifer Kilmer