The melt

Hello All Souls,

It is that time of year. The days are starting to lengthen, the sun seems a bit brighter and the birds are starting to sing. There is a level of excitement in the air as the days begin to warm and the melt is upon us. That said, while we should be very happy about all of this, it is leaving us a little confused energetically. I am noticing a common theme amongst myself, friends and clients right now. There is a sense of frozen energy; of feeling stuck, of fear and of anxiety lurking. As the snow melts, we are overcome with increased levels of emotion. The melting waters of the sacral chakra are causing us a little discomfort. So, how can we successfully approach the Spring melt?


We can honor Mother Nature’s wisdom and all that she teaches us. Walk carefully at this time as you would on melting ice. Remove your layers when it calls for it. As you let the emotions flow through acceptance, analysis of its lessons, compassion and gratitude, allow the layers to reveal their teaching. Be patient. Think of it as the last amount of snow sitting somewhere in your yard, just out of reach from the direct sun. Some issues take TIME. They require a little more patience in order to completely dissolve back into the earth. You may have to chip away at some of your emotions to break them up in to smaller pieces, so the sun can reach into their icy centres. When the fluctuations in temperature occur, respect that maybe it’s still time to preserve your energy and retreat to rest and restore. Honour the ups and downs of the temperature as permission to sit and reflect. The blessing of the yin energy is to retreat and BE. The influencing energies of yang and DO will be here soon, so stay true to the vibe of Winter.

It’s important to know you are not alone. Sometimes just knowing that your fears and anxieties are part of the cycle of nature, and also felt in others, will help bring the peace and perspective you need to keep moving forward - even if that means meeting only the tiniest of goals that day and honoring yourself by taking time for rest. It has been my week to get sick, so I took the time to heal and rest, and selfishly, I actually enjoyed it (LOL).

And lastly, I encourage you to take this last couple weeks of Winter to reflect before the Spring Equinox. What have you learned from the melting emotional energies? Being knocked into survival mode during the melt can take us out of our creative energies. As we begin to let go, heal and re-centre, the newly created space will give way to inspiration, ideas, goals and dreams that are calling us forward. What does your year have instore for you? I realize this letter may find you at a time that it seems impossible, with you questioning if brighter days will ever really arrive. Just know that this too shall pass; that the coming energies of spring are upon us. Renewal, growth and expansion comes from first letting go of old out warn beliefs and patterns. Take the last few moments of Winter to make and create that space!! Now is the time to think about what you wish to plant this Spring. More on this in April!



Jennifer Kilmer