Tend your spiritual garden

As we are washed by the cool misty winds of Spring, I can’t help but feel that a deep cleansing in my being is taking place on an energetic level. Like the weeds already starting to pop up, the new Spring flowers beginning to appear, and the buds on the trees beginning to grow. We are preparing for a final letting go and a rebirth of the new. Even though the new flowers are not quite ready to come in to full bloom, we must prepare the garden. Humbly kneeling before the beds and working through the removal of the dead, the way the decayed flowers and leaves of last Summer come off with very little effort reminds me of how easily some of our patterns eventually let go. No aggressive pulling, but a gentle final nudge timed just right, and the leaves give way. Too soon, however, and there is a struggle to get them to detach and you end up needing to cut them with a tool instead of them naturally dropping away. Is that truly letting go if we ‘cut it off’? I would say probably not. I have personally wrestled with that desire to just trim off the dead even though it’s not quite ready. Wanting to rush the process of removing something, as I am uncomfortable with waiting or perhaps how it looks to my physical eyes. From the perspective of nature, it is true perfection. It is only us humans that polarize it, compartmentalize it and declare it distasteful or ugly.

For within death is rebirth. But, remove the spent foliage too soon, and we destroy and interrupt this natural process of letting go.


This Spring, tend to your internal spirit like you would tend to your garden. Connect with the past lessons of death and the importance of letting go, welcome rebirth within and cultivate the soil for quality growth, and enjoy the Summer bloom. Sink into the beauty of pulling the leaves that come away so easily. For me, it feels so good in my hands. So organic to help my garden begin again. Like life, when I really allow an issue to come into full bloom to show me what beauty it is really trying to teach me and I ‘get it’, it can only be described as true ecstasy. Little did I ever expect that an awareness and dawning of a deep, painful, reactive pattern could bring such physical release and beauty. The space and peace created by the bloom and letting go is pure Nirvana. Perhaps that is the true meaning behind the bloom of any flower. Tending, cultivating, growing under unpredictable conditions the flower faces the elements. Bravely, day by day, it begins to take form until it ultimately comes into full presentation and perfection. And then, without any effort, it lets go; returning to the earth from which it came, and the cycle begins again.

My sister is a Landscape Architect and she has taught me to leave my garden undisturbed during the cold months to see the beauty in the way the flowers wither and die. I marvel at it all Winter long, seeing the beauty and perfection in death. When Spring arrives, I am excited for the clean slate and for the many surprises that are in store for the season ahead.

Spring Blessing to you All. I hope to connect to you soon!



Jennifer Kilmer