Soul healing, why at this time…

September has always felt to me more like a New Year than the official one in January, which by comparison has felt like a construct and self-imposed. But, I didn’t realize the magnitude of how much change would come. I knew there was a part of me delaying revealing a deeper connection to the cosmic forces until both of my sons were safely on their way to their post-secondary studies. In my new reality, I have more time to devote to my teaching. I didn’t realize it would literally be the day they started school that the pressing forward of information was to come. I could not wait it out any longer to share what I see beyond the veils and whom is waiting to connect with us.

Like Spring, Fall shares that halfway point. It is a time of balance when equal days and equal nights are met. We are invited to go within to balance the light and dark, yin and yang of self. This is why we have that desire to implement new goals and objectives and to review how things worked and where things fell short. It is like our six-month review. This drive this pressing energy, however, is pushing us to take a huge leap forward this fall to reach for more. Any great leap has not been achieved by staying small, the same, or safe. What I am about to write and talk about is not new by any means. You may have heard it from other sources and there are many, for it will take many to wake us up and create the wave of change needed at this time. But, for me personally it is also not something I write about often nor usually piece all together in this way.

I was that kid in school who, if I didn’t know why we were learning it or how it applied to life, was not interested. From a very early age I found the earth very confusing. Why are people so mean? Why are we hurting ourselves through competition, comparison and disconnection? Why did ‘things’ make others seem better and create divides. It all felt so uncomfortable to me. I always felt out of place. For so long, I tried hard to connect to everyone I met, and to help people from the errors in judgement I could see taking place. But, at some point, a part of me grew so tired and discouraged as it was only met with rejection. So, I just started to play the game to fit in. But, in the end, I never did succeed.

Over time, I found another way. Through the help of pain, I started an exhaustive search for the meaning of life here on earth; why am I here; and, for that matter, why are any of us here? How can I help create that place I earned for? Many saints and prophets have called this place the New Earth. A place to connect, feel safe, seen and loved? For me it feels like Heaven on Earth. And the road to the New Earth is to be found through balance and freedom from lower limited emotions. We are here to love others as we love ourselves, to do for others as we do for ourselves. It’s that simple.

So many people are talking about waking up. There are waves and waves of energy hitting the earth that is literally inspiring people to question the emptiness that they feel in their lives. The need to be filled not with things but with love, peace and connection is ever rising. We want more substance and less stuff! The desire to want a deeper connection than what are currently experiencing; to think more positively; to create a vision of our greatest self; and meditate to detach from the grips of stress? To experience nature and the beauty it radiates. We are feeling a tremendous pressure to fulfill a soul purpose, but don’t know what it is. But before order chaos increases. So if you have felt more chaos around you that is indicating you are working through really deep layers of karma, keep going!

The messages of Buddha, Jesus, Krishna the benefit of untethering from the spinning wheels of repeated unhealthy patterns of behaviors has never been clearer. One of those catalyst for change has been our concern as we watch our kids struggle with incredible amounts of anxiety and depression and telling us this world is not right. We must change. They are divergent among us no longer wanting to play by the same rules of commerce and competition, but we are not sure exactly why. All of these I have been speaking, healing, and teaching for quite some time. FREE yourself from the lower emotions, liberate your soul and make space for the natural love and creative energy that lies within.

All this is absolutely necessary and will not change in my practice. However, I wish to share a bigger picture to the whys are we doing this beyond the benefits of wanting to cultivate love, joy and peace in all aspects of our life. So here it is: my big reveal. We are truly being suppressed, crushed, and kept small by unseen force of darkness. Yes, I know faith in something you cannot see is a stretch but consider for a moment what if what I am telling you is happening, and you just can’t see it? It started with our fall from the higher planes of reality - some would call Heaven, while others would describe as higher dimensions. We are truly cosmic beings and, when we fell into this plane of existence, we lost our abilities to see, create and connect. We were disconnected from our source, our truth. This is when we lost our inner sight. We were not left alone and are surrounded by loving beings of light. They help guide and assist us as we make our return to higher more loving realities. But because of the law of non-interference, they cannot force anything upon us. We must do this for ourselves. It is now time to make a more serious and diligent effort towards ascension. We have seen many warnings by various prophets over time of endings, raptures, cataclysms if balance is not established. No one would disagree that the earth is hurting at this time. Time is slipping away as to how we can amend the imbalances in our lives and planet.


What can you do? Free yourself from the lower emotions. Your climb back to the New Earth, is about anchoring its heavenly qualities here. It is about reconnecting to a healthy whole inner relationship to self. That you then can share with others and the earth. A dark force wishes to keep us all down, small, and against each other. There are messages everywhere reminding you to rise up, stand up, remember, believe, not give up, and be love and peace. We are being exposed to so many words in songs, movies and poems to try and crack this code of remembrance. And it is working. At least, it’s starting to. We have struggled under suppression in areas of race, gender, disabilities, disease, sexuality and age but we are rapidly making progress. What have these struggles been leading us to? Something even bigger. I promise!

In an attempt to prevent you from being completely whole, this dark force (I realize this sounds incredibly out there) is trying to keep you repeating the same outdated habits and thinking that your goals and dreams are not worthy. It scares you from stepping out into the light, pushing you back into the cave of darkness. With strength in numbers its powers are weakening. With more and more people positively working through their feelings of not being good enough, scarcity and fear, we are stepping into our true power and freedom. By facing fear with knowing, we are loved, connected, and strong light beings. By standing up and taking responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions with consistency, we can truly change the world. We have been prisoners of darkness for too long. And through every loving thought we spread the light and lift another we anchor more light.

In the last few years, I have become aware of what some healers call key codes: words ( i.e. organic, natural, free, awaken, heal, love, remember and balance), that when we hear them, begin to unlock and heal us from these prisons. These words would have a profound impact on the way I would keep looking for clues that would help me, even though I honestly didn’t know what safe I was struggling to crack, nor game I was trying to beat, nor puzzle I was pushing to solve. But, I was so drawn to these words and they would roll through me with such force. Is it a wonder that escape rooms have come so strongly onto the scene recently? Hmm. Yet another pointer out!


Whether you believe in Revelations from the Bible, a galactic war is happening. There is battle of light and dark happening all around you beyond your sight. There are forces of beings stepping forward. On the one side, there is a legion of angels protecting you, albeit bound by your free will. You must do your part to anchor heaven on earth. Wake up and take up your lot. Because, on the other side, you are truly snack food for the dark forces. Much like the Pixar movie Monsters Inc., our fear just fuels their strength. Free yourself from these bondages. And if this information is too much, try it in your own life. Even if it’s simply because you want more peace and positivity, and the power to manifest your dreams and goals, do it for just that.

It is time to awaken; to unwrap from the consumeristic lifeless pattern we have been running. True freedom is stepping into your own individualized expression and really owning your health, purchasing power, lifestyle choices and soul expression. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t know all of the ways to fill in the ‘how to.’ I have adopted and taught many of the areas to incorporate into your life to help free you: good nutrition, mediation, belief pattern healing, exercise and connecting to nature. As a guide, I can see ahead and tell you the ‘why.’ However, I should not be the only one to help fill in the ‘how’ to achieve that goal. There are many among us to help with in those roles.

In closing I will tell you that, as long as I can remember, I have been shown visions ahead of time. Not the finale, thank goodness. Frankly, I am not sure I would have wanted to take this role if I had to see too far ahead instead of just enough to keep myself working forward. This is a time now in history to be called to action. We can no longer sit by and watch our earth and our souls be imprisoned by negativity, darkness and poison. A negative outcome can be averted with diligent energy. We will be left behind if we do not begin to take full responsibility for the life we create and our soul growth; if we do not detach from the lower frequencies of pain, anger, rage, blame, shame, victimization. Hey, I had to work out of these patterns too. We all do. But I am here to tell you that it is not only possible, but the most important thing in your life to do. And now that the curtain has been pulled back, you can see why. Perhaps it will put the fire in your being to take this very seriously. Make your soul/life growth the most important thing, for it impacts the future of the New Earth.



Jennifer Kilmer