Guided Healing Meditations
Adult Evening Classes

DATES: Oct 17, Nov 21, dec 19 (winter solstice)

Time: 7 PM - 8:45PM

Cost: $20 per PERSON

Location: deer run farm, carlisle

Join us as we explore different meditation techniques and see how easy it is to make meditation a part of your everyday life. The experience of meditation can take us beyond the usual mental stress and emotional agitation to a calm, centred place. Clients experience healing and a renewed sense of space in their bodies. The classes are open to those new to meditation and with experience. Space is limited.


The Chakra Series

DATEs: Beginning this fall 2019 into spring 2020

oct 13 Root charka

nov 10 sacral chakra

dec 15 solar plexus

jan 12 heart chakra

feb 9 throat chakra

mar 8 third eye chakra

apr 5 crown Chakra

Time: 11:00 aM - 12:30 PM

Cost: $25 per PERSON

Location: deer run farm, carlisle

Explore the chakra system and learn to cultivate balance within! Jen will bring her knowledge of healing and guide deep transformation meditations to assist you in cultivating your inner divine light!

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Winter Retreat
Connect and Heal with the Angels

DATE: Jan 18, 2020

Time: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Cost: $80 per PERSON

Location: deer run farm, carlisle

Spend a day of healing and connecting with the Angelic realm. Working with their energies of healing light we will learn about their presence in our lives, how to bring them closer and embody their message of love, peace and joy. Come be with the Angels! Space is limited.

2020-Winter Retreat.jpg

Transforming Through
Spiritual Pilgrimage

DATE: AUG 31-SEPT 9, 2020


EARLY BIRD - £2,728

After Dec. 15 - £2,783

A life changing experience! Join Jennifer Kilmer and John Flanagan on a Sacred Journey through Ireland. Connect deeply with the transformative energies of its sacred sites to help awaken you to your true full potential, purpose and bring deep connection and healing. Using meditation and ceremony they will help to guide and facilitate personal growth and expand your consciousness.

As we journey the pilgrim’s path, we will deepen our inner connection to self. With each step and pause there is opportunity to listen to our own guidance and wisdom. This inner source of healing will help release the blocks and buried beliefs that hold us back from total alignment with our spiritual purpose and destiny. We awaken to our organic self and return to the divine energies within and without.

The experience of visiting sacred sites is like no other. Combining a trip that explores not only the sacred sites, their healing properties, history and the beauty of Ireland but is really fun and joyfully connective!

To register, send an email to

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Past Workshops & Retreats