Energy Healing Session Testimonials


During my session, I felt complete peace on the massage table. Jennifer’s hands were so hot and I felt tingling sensations throughout my body. At times, I could tell that I was getting rid of suppressed feelings. The intentions for my treatment were to have assistance in healing a childhood trauma that continued to plague my adult life. That evening, I had the best sleep I have had in a long time. Since then, I have not experienced any further emotional issues as a result of my healing session. I feel blessed!

Integrated Energy Therapy is a wonderful blessing. It has given balance back to my life. Everyone should experience it

Amazing! At first I was skeptical. But, after a session, I totally changed my perspective on life in general. I feel a release on the tension that was stuck with me before I went. I released a lot of emotion that was with me for a long time. Definitely a positive experience.

I am a small business owner and the stresses associated with that can certainly build up over time. Before I visited Jennifer for a treatment, I felt like the weight of it was holding me back in both business and life. Now, I feel refreshed, relaxed and energized. I can’t thank her enough!

Guided Meditation Testimonials

Jennifer’s guided meditations offer participants an opportunity to deepen connections within themselves, tapping into both that which inhibits and that which uplifts us. The meditations are varied and visual in their approach. Debriefing of the meditations occurs in a confidential, caring and supportive group environment. I always walk away feeling lighter and more optimistic about approaching my day-to-day life.

The guided meditations with Jen are something I look forward to throughout the week. Jen’s sessions are compassionate, empathetic and empowering. I always leave feeling relaxed, grounded, and as if my”reset” button has been hit. The topics we cover are diverse and always seem to fit so well with whatever stress I have going on at that moment. The other participants at the sessions have also become a great circle of women in my life and add to the richness of the experience. It’s become an awesome circle of connection, healing, and light!

I absolutely love going to Jen’s meditation classes. Not only are they well prepared but the experince is amazing. Jen comes from a place of compassion and great understanding. A great night out for sure. I highly recomment her mediation classes.